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Let people know who you are and gain loyal customers! The Faround Deals system allows you to publicize your activity with offers which are both personalized and geo-located. You have at your fingertips a simple panel where you can choose text and images. Try it. It’s completely free till December 2012!

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Two beers for the price of one? Those really fantastic earrings at half price? On Faround you can find all the bargains around. Search and visualize what you are looking for directly on the map or choose from the list.

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… on Facebook!

Access directly trough your Facebook profile, no need to register and you’ll be in contact with your friends in a heartbeat.


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iPhone? iPad? Android? Use it anywhere! The Faround interface is compatible with all these devises and many more…have you already tried using it on your PC?

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Whether you’re wandering round near home or organizing a stroll around downtown, you will be able to visualize the offers pubs and clubs, restaurants, hotels, bazaars are making and lots more, all reserved especially for Facearuond users! Based on the kind of search you make, Faround will only select the deals you are interested in available or the places you want to go to. Don’t worry, you won’t miss one single offer: they are immediately visible on the map because they are distinguishable from all the other Places, and you can also order the results list on the basis of the offers made nearest to where you are!